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Nothing really significant happened to me since that party on Friday night. I mean, really, I slept for 24 of the past 48 hours. It was much needed sleep and I definitely will be full of life tomorrow, but right now I just feel like I had a most unproductive weekend.

I did manage to go for a run everyday, and finally buy more groceries — most shops are closed on Sundays here in la belle France — which in itself was a major victory. I also did a lot of reading and cooking and relaxing, so I guess while lacking sheer productive output, this weekend was a much-needed rest after a busy week.

I’m now plotting out several lazy — and inexpensive — day trips in the city for my week of nothing, the kind of day trips where I won’t have to spend any money and I can see interesting things without wasting the whole day. If the weather stays grey rather than rainy, I might head over to Père la Chaise, the big cemetery in Eastern Paris where many famous people are famously buried — Jim Morrison, Oscar Wilde, etc. — and maybe go to the Musée d’Orsay later on in the week, because I think it is free for students with a carte d’etudiant — of which I now proudly an owner, 200 euros later.

If anything, I might just go the cafés in this quartier, order a cup of coffee, and read and write and watch people as they walk by. There’s a great little café called the Liszt close to my apartment, and the Gare de l’Est area nearby has a lot of big cafés that are perfect for people watching. I have 4 or 5 days to kill. Why not do something interesting? And cheap?

I also might try and find Parc aux Buttes Charmantes tomorrow morning on my run. I tried today, but I just couldn’t find it and got lost. Fortunately, when you use a canal as your landmark, it’s hard to get really lost. I’ve found that if I use significant landmarks on my runs here, I’ll always find my way home. Things like La Bastille, la Place de la Republique and the Canal St. Martin are all large, noticeable things that both I and other random pedestrians know, so I am ever lost, I will just ask where these things are and head that way.

I do feel sorry for that woman who stopped me earlier this evening for directions in my friend’s neighborhood. While I might look like I know where I’m going, I really have no clue.

I think that’s the key to Paris. Pretend like you know what’s going on, and even if you don’t, no one does, so you can all pretend together.

It’s like one big game — there was even an elaborately staged puppet show on the metro this evening, complete with keyboards and music and speakers and everything — of imaginary fantasy. Sometimes I don’t believe I’m in a real place.

But I have 4 days this week, and 5 months after that, to really figure things out. Then maybe I won’t have to pretend anymore.

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