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UDPATE 4/22/10 7:30 a.m. (GMT+1): So, the following rant/complaint/angry cry is still somewhat applicable — Eyjafjallajokull has made my life far more frustrating and complicated than it needs to be as I prepare to go on holiday. BUT, it would seem that we are going to try and brave the volcanic ash cloud, and bus, and train system and assume our rightful spring break place in Valencia, Spain. I might come back tonight having failed. I might come back in a week having succeeded. I might not come back at all. Whatever the case, we’re going.

Catch you in a week! VIVE L’ESPAGNE.

I know that the volcano is fun to say — or, at least, to try to say. I know that the comic possibilities of saying, “Business is down on the German stock exchange today because of the eruption of a volcano in Iceland,” and other such news briefings dotting The Financial Times and other major European publications is tempting. But right now, the only thing I can think about this whole volcanic ash business is as follows:


You see, our dear friend Eyjafjallajokull, by deciding just now to have a throw-up fest, has prevented me from taking my long-awaited spring break trip to sunny southern Spain. The volcanic ash cloud that is now hovering over Europe — while not as bad as everyone originally thought — has cancelled my low-cost RyanAir flight to Valencia, meaning that I have applied for a refund (that I may not get) and that I have no money to do anything exciting this week except wait around in Paris and think about the beach.

At least I didn’t buy a swimsuit yet.

I wish I had more to say, but I am just very frustrated and angry right now and ready to say some very stern words to Eyjafjallajokull and his people:

An Open Letter to Eyjafjallajokull, Iceland, and the Icelandic People

Dear Eyjafjallajokull and Friends,

Iceland, stop messing things up. There are only 300,000+ people living on your Godforsaken island. Leave the rest of us alone. Please. I beg you.

On top of that, food prices might start to go up, and the tickets I have for the She & Him concert next Thursday might be for naught, considering that the adorable twee/folk/pop/indie duo was just in California last week and is supposed to be in Europe starting Sunday.

If you take that from me, Eyjafjallajokull, I will never, ever forgive you. Ever. As it stands now, I hate you enough for destroying my spring break plans, which were only decided upon after my friends convinced me of how fun and great Spain in April would be.

Now, I will never have the chance to know what that feels like.

And it’s because of you, Eyjafjallajokull. You and your unpronounceable name and stupid ash cloud and the looming possibility of grisly plane crashes that may have been exaggerated in the first place.

I won’t say that I hate you completely. I understand that volcanoes need to erupt sometimes, as a part of natural Earth processes.

But I do hate you a little. And I’m a pretty friendly guy most days.

Quit it, Eyjafjallajokull. Just stop.


Nick Andersen

A Concerned Inhabitant of Mother Earth

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